The Glass Ceiling and the Camouflage Coffin

You've heard of the glass ceiling for women. The abstract idea that somehow men (the patriarchy) are responsible for creating an unseen barrier that keeps women from earning the same as men (even though most women want a long break from their careers to be with their baby).

Well men have their own metaphor (only it's a little more intense than wanting more money);

The Camouflage Coffin.

When discussions about fairness differences between the sexes occurs, men's early deaths avoid detection.

Protect, build and respect others.

Men Die Younger

Worldwide, the average life expectancy for males is 65 years and for females it is 70 years.

Women live 5 years longer than men on average, yet in many countries women get the age pension at the same time as men, women vote 1 or 2 times more in their life, and it is women that mostly get to redirect the life savings and assets owned by their husbands.

Women generally (and too many men) are happy for males to;

... but when it comes to discussing who gets a fair go, men's coffins turn from gloss black to camouflage.


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